Rick Dangerous FAQ


What is Rick Dangerous Flash?
Back in 1989, Rick Dangerous was the Indiana Jones of computer games. His adventures bring you to South America, Egypt, Schwarzendumpf Castle and a mysterious Missile Base. Avoiding traps, perfect jumping and shooting sparingly are required skills. Today Rick Dangerous is playable on your browser!

What are the control keys?
Move LeftLeft Arrow Key
Move RightRight Arrow Key
JumpUp Arrow Key
CrawlDown Arrow Key
ShootCtrl + Up Arrow Keys
BombCtrl + Down Arrow Keys
Use StickCtrl + Left/Right Arrow Keys
Pause GameP or Tab Key
CheatHome Key
Note: you can't slide bombs.

Can I change the layout of the control keys?
The control layout may seem weird but it is true to the original game. Changing controls would alter playability of the game, thus defeating the fun.

How to save or resume a game?
Yon can't save a game, and there is no password system. But the [HOME] key gives you infinite lives & ammo and direct access to the four levels. Take advantage of cheating for training purposes.

Where to find help to pass a level?
See the full video solution thanks to Recorded Amiga Games. Moreover there are complete maps and video footage on the Rick Dangerous Forever and Rick Dangerous Resurrected websites.

Can I host Rick Dangerous Flash on my website?
No, it is not allowed since Rick Dangerous is copyrighted by Core Design, but linking to http://rickdangerousflash.free.fr/ is welcomed.

Is there a downloadable version?
Not yet, maybe later...